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✰ Welcome ✰

Names Corylyn, thanks for the visit and enjoy the music :D!

So you wanna know me?:
Married Boomchicas!

I have two annoying sisters and a brother on here as well. Gcharlie (page creator), Funsizedyumi (Avi pic creator, JaronV. Fashion and I have a relationship! We are in love and no one will come between us *hugs favorite shoes*. I also love all kinds of music. And yes even the stuff they play on radio Disney.

I'm really nice and a fun person to be around. Usually up for anything. :3 I can get ghetto though ;D. Can have a bit of a mean streak if u push me... so don't.

If your looking for a new friend... Well I think you found me. >:D

Lastly... I know we all have needs. Sorry fellas, I'm not easy. So inviting me to cyber would be a waste of time. I'm always up for good conversation though xD

Music Playlist at
❤ Corylyn ❤

*pats weave* Well aint I cute ^_^

Star Fish 2

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