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Hello Everyone, And Welcome To My Profile Page.. My Name Is Kaci Nicole Bolen A Name That Was Given To Me By Such A Amazing Woman.. My Great Grand Mother.. Who Passed Away.. A Year Ago.. I Am 23 Years Old.. I Live in Boiling Springs, South Carolina.. I lived In South Carolina My Whole Life.. I Got Shoulder Length Blonde Hair... Greenish Blue Eyes.. Im Really Short, Like 5'4.. I Weigh About 110-125 Pounds.. Im Really Shy...Around New People, I Am Only Looking For Friends.. I Got Two Small Breed Dogs. Max, Who Is A Pug- Chihuahua Mix, And Yoda Who Is A Full Chihuahua.. They Were Both Rescues. I Been Married Since May 17 Of This Year To Hampton Bolen. Were Expecting Our First Child On April 24 2016. I Love All Animals..I Cant Stand People Who Hurt Them!! If There Is Anything Else You Would Like To Know About Me.. Feel Free To Invite Me Or Message Me On Here, And I Will Get Back To You Right Away! Additional Information About Me. I Love Romance Novels.. Anything By Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele,Debbie Macomber. But All Books In General Are Great. I Love To Play Video Games On The Xbox 360, Some Of The Games I Play Include: Minecraft,Soul Calibur 5, Saints Row The Third, Gta 5,Avatar Farm Online,Total Miner Forge. And Many More Message Me For A Full List Of Games I Own And Or Play. I Love Watching Netflix..And Eating Cheese Pizza.. Its My Favorite Kind Of Pizza! Some Of My Favorite Shows Include, Sons Of Anarchy, Ghost Whisper, Tru Calling, Dexter, Greys Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Buffy,Chopped, Storage Wars,Animal Cops, And So Many Others! If you Have Any Questions Or You Wanna Get To Know Me Better Feel Free To Ask!
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if you view my profile.. feel free to add me.. gift me.. and or leave a message! thanks <3 Facebook: MeetMe: VampireFreaks: Kik: Kayceebabi Xbox Live: Lovefairy99
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