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Avatar seit: 2006-11-22
Age: 26
United States - NY
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"R.I.P Grandpa We\'ll miss you..."

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Heyy im Gina
I'm 14
Heres some stuff bout me:
I can be loud/crazy/funny/suborn
I'm a rele nice person once you get 2 kno me...but unless you get on my bad side...i can b mean and bitchy =o
I lovee to laugh and make new friends so if u wanna be my friend send me a message,add me, or invite me in a chat.
I'm single and looking 4 a bf Well thats bout it. If u wanna kno more bout me just ask me.
K bye people.
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thanks 4 the visit....=D
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heyy...i would love if u could get me a gift...
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