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"Sorry I have been gone for so long!"

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HEY YOU GUYS!! Sorry, I used to work for "The Electric Company".

My name is Terry - pleasure to meet you. I am 33, yes. Do I look 33? No. Do I act 33? HELL, no! I get along with anyone and everyone! Well---except for the assbags. I definitely don't get along with the assbags. Why? Um....because they're assbags! The only people who like assbag people are the other assbags (they tend to stick together----you know who you are, assbag people! :P). So - you could be 13, 25, 42, 70 or even 112 - doesn't matter to me - I'll talk to ya! I am not one to discriminate! I do tend to flirt a lot, if you don't like this----be sure to tell me and I will delete you....(KIDDING!).

I have been pretty busy lately and have not been able to come on as much as I would like. I try to respond to all of my messages, if I don't get to ya----please don't think that I am ignoring you. To tell you the truth, I could sit at my computer for 18 hours STRAIGHT and not even get to them all. So----want me to respond?? Show me the FUNNY!! I write screenplays, television sitcoms and humorous short stories - you can read some of them here:


If you like them - let me know - I always love to hear what the reader thinks!

I have an eBay store on the side (because I own too much stuff and it is TAKING OVER MY HOUSE!!!!) - if you would like to visit it, that would be cool as well.

Terry's Unburied Treasures

I have a MySpace page (Who doesn't? The Pope?) So, if you would like to see that as well, here is the link.....

Terrys Myspace.

If you want any more information about me, I will SO classify you as a stalker. :P And that would be MOST excellent - I certainly do *love* my fans! xD! Here are a few, simple rules about chatting with me, ok?

1. No chatspeak! (Mainly because I don't understand it!)

2. No asking A/S/L! (It's all up there - if you ask this, it means you didn't read my page and I will be hurt beyond belief!)

3. No BEGGING! (I give enough. If you ASK, "Can you buy me THIS?" - you WON'T get it! Get it?)

4. No CHAIN MAIL! (It's dumb, it's stupid, annoying and pointless - kinda like Pauly Shore)

5. Be yourself! (Have fun - don't lie, don't hate, don't be a fake - be YOU!)

6. I am usually very hyper, extremely random and just plain nutty! (Do NOT be alarmed! It's just my personality! It's who I *am*!)


8. Don't pay RULE #7 no attention! (To be honest with you - I think #7 is hanging around a bad crowd - quite possibly those assbag people - what a shame - #7 used to be SO COOL. *sigh*)

That's it! Now leave NICE or FUNNY messages or I shall have to hire someone to spit in your food! :P

Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Relationships
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I should REALLY update this but I am SUCH a lazy arse. You can add me to your MSN or Yahoo Messenger at TRoehrig2@yahoo.com (it is the same for both, trust me). And this list can ONLY be viewed correctly in FIREFOX. That being said-----these are some of my BEST friends (in no particular order):
  • DeathByTime56

  • Everyone should have someone special like Heather in their lifetime. She's, let's face it, is one of my closest, most dearest friends on here. She makes me laugh like no one else can. She can also break my heart like no one else can. I may have screwed up this friendship, but let's hope that she can look past a few flaws and give me another chance because I miss everything about her. =[
  • UnfrostedPoptart

  • What can I say about this woman? Winter is smart, funny, witty, and amazingly beautiful. I'm surprised my tongue works around her. It helps that I don't *actually* have to speak, just type. Although----I find it hard to do that some nights, too. ;)
  • Teeny1983

  • Monica and I have been through quite a bit, let me tell you. We should have our own web soap opera show. She's probably the kindest, sweetest woman you'll ever meet. It's a shame that people use and hurt her so much. Let me rephrase that---it's a shame she *LETS* people use and hurt her so much. =[
  • FleurDeLiss

  • Erica. I don't even know *why* I put Erica on here. She's constantly abusing me and is just a big meanie. Oh yea, now I know why---she BEGGED and BEGGED and BEGGED to be on this list and then flashed me on cam. :P I'm kidding.....she didn't beg *that* much. :P
  • SuperSxcAmber

  • Amber is super sweet and super sexy (obviously, hence the name). She had the biggest crush on me---it was so cute. Heehee...
  • Jessica019

  • Jessica is one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for! Be sure to visit her and let her know that I sent ya! You'll be glad you did - trust me!
  • KrissyzDaShit55

  • Krissy is so much fun to talk to. She's got more than just the looks---she's got the attitude and confidence of a rock star (wait....porn star??).
  • HiddenSecrets

  • Courtney is like a sister to me. Hell, I'd swap her for my real one any day of the week. And we can talk for hours on end just laughing at the dumbest crap. She just changed her name to "HiddenSecrets". I told her that she should have changed it to "CootieQueen". xD!
  • Tokes

  • Michelle. Oh, God, Michelle. I can't print here what Michelle and I talk about on here - go to her page, you'll see what I mean. And be sure to check out her stuff. She's got some great products!
  • JackieGirl

  • Don't let the sweet face fool ya! Looks CAN be deceiving! ;)
  • xBabiiLisx

  • Lisa is the type of person that you want your daughter to grow up and be like.
  • VaGirl25

  • I dunno how it happened----but she is the mother of my IMVU children---she even made me take a paternity test!! Between you and me----I think it was fixed!
  • 1234Nicola

  • A true sweetheart in every sense of the word.
  • Elizabeth4

  • Lizzie was another first friend for me here - glad I got to meet her!
  • xOxStArxShAdExOx

  • Krystal's messages keep me smiling ALL DAY. I don't think there is a funnier girl than this kid right here. OMG, she kills me. She's freakin' hilarious. Just don't feed her any chocolate or sugar of ANY kind for that matter! o.O
  • Cattie001

  • Cat is just about the sweetest person I know. Bar none.

    If you'd like to be on this list, get to know me better! Invite me to chat and make sure that you actually chat - not just sit there and stare at me (that's just creepy). If your invite times out, or if you get a denial, I am sorry. I only chat to ONE person at a time. This way you have my FULL attention. Want me to answer your invite? Get to know me through messages first, that's how a lot of these people got to know me. And PLEASE - - I have a LOT of friends and each and every one is SPECIAL to me in their own unique way. So----if you're jealous or possessive or just a whiny brat, don't bother talking to me, kk? And if I happen to time out - I am sorry - I probably stepped away from the computer! =[[

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    Heather is just the best. Period. I hope she gets EVERYTHING she deserves in life. She means so much to me. You are one lucky SOB if you know her. That's me.....one *lucky* SOB. =]
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    The 5,000th visitor has come and gone. My LUCKY 5,000th visitor received: An official "TerryTalksalot T-Shirt", an autographed 8 x 10 photo of myself, a ceremonial parade down my hallway and 20,000 credits!!! CONGRATS!!!!


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    I have no clue who these people are - - they might be cool - - I dunno. They could be lame-o's! They could be the kind of people who wear pantyhose over their head while they are typing on the computer! I just don't know. Why don't YOU go check them out and give me a status report, ok? Thanks! =]

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