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Age: 30
Location: Belgium
I am the voice inside your head
the monster out of your nightmares that makes you sweat,
The one you wish you had never met.

---> So The name is Sora and I love fairytales...obvious...I'm 30 and I just love to have fun. You'll maybe hear or you already heard some things about me like that I am a sweetheart, or some will say a totally cold bitch. Well they are both right. Im proud to say that I'm wicked at some points. But maybe you should find that out yourself? Hm, what else can I say...You'll see me often on imvu, like...everyday. Call me addicted or whatever but I just like to talk to those persons who are important to me. I love animals...I also work with animals in real life....I'll never say no to a good scary, horror movie or to some songs since i love almost every style in music. I also write stories, but for some reason they have almost never a happy ending...Roleplay is also one of the things I do on imvu but you can read about that later. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

My love that ill always wait for...We put the "we" in "you and I"

Trilse trilse trilse and Yannomi. If you want your name here sent me a message

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