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About Melissa
* no need to ask. my name is melissa.
* i am 16, and a highschool junior.
* i quit imvu in 08' and have just returned to imvu in november of 09'
* i have blue eyes, and brown-black hair.
* braces are glued to my teeth.
* i have a boyfriend of over a year in real life, so now.. i dont online date, or cyber.
* you can keep your xbox360's and ps3's. sega and ps1 own <3
* im what you would call nerdy.
* i enjoy the following games..
- crash bandicoot, sonic the hedgehog, thesims2, and world of warcraft.
* i dress the way i like, and i really dont care what people think.
* i am myself and that will never change.
* i live in a small town in pennsylvania.
* even though i dont look it, im a country girl inside.
* i enjoy going to concerts, espically when i get to crowd surf.
* i make alot of perverted jokes.
* sometimes when i laugh really hard i choke on my own spit.
* im currently seeking a job in retail.
* my favorite store is hot topic.
*converse, skinny jeans, and black eyeliner is a must.
* but when it comes down to it.. im just like everyone else.
* but, in a way.... different.


Q: Do you make avatar pictures?
A: Yes, Ive started making them for people again
Q: Will you make me one free?
aha No, Only if ur one of my very close friends

Q: You arnt replying to my messages.. why?
A: Im sorry, Im a busy girl. Sometimes i dont get to ALL of my messages

Q: Im new/birthday/ect can i have a gift?
A: NO! C'mon jeeze.. I only buy for people if i want too.. dont ask

Q: Can you teach me how to develop
A: Um. I taught myself.. You can figure out too

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Why you looking here. Dont u think about gettin me anything! lol
If you must.. Clothing, or Poses. Credits are most wanted tho lol x]
*L™ Lingerie | Zebra[D] Sweety (medium)® Valley GirlPlatinum Chic Med~BZ~ Plaid Gray Black
[ Any Skin Black Flicksm.. HighTop Blackm.. Ripped White Wash$ Romi Head [BLENDING]PVC.DollSkin. Tanned
[m] Black Bat Necklace# Skull blue jeans slimH4K Belted Mini Black[Fall outfit] Gray[Henley] Top Blk Request
[CAL] Cozy Sap*STFU T-Shirt*{G} Full Emo Outfitspacerspacer
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My pocket full of sunshine :]
Jemand Besonderes
Even tho u quit IMVU... ur still my speical someone.. ur AWEHSOME :D

Shes my rl lil sister.. Be nice :D Or ill make a monkey have cowboy butt sex with you!!


Respect my timezone please
get this clock


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