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Welcome to my page!! I am a 34 year old mother and wife in real life. Married to my real life husband on IMVU as well. We share 2 beautiful children in real life and 5 amazing children on IMVU. I RP as an Elven Queen and sometimes a Mermaid. My husband and I hail over the Death Kingdom or DFC. We are kind and welcoming to most but do not be fooled as our names are Death for a reason. A dark side you do not want to see and a bounderie most do not dare cross.
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Carrie BlackMalika BlackVelvet Purr TailBooBoo Kitty TailBooBoo Kitty Ears
[Anry] Qabia Amber!C! Valentine Day Rosemm. Esteania SnowWhen i started loving u!Kid Sit On Mommy
mm. Misty - SkinOnyx Earrings -Silver! L! Hoochi Earsspacerspacer
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