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♥ Hello my lovelies ♥
It doesn't take much for me to like someone, as long as your nice, patient, and have a sense of humor. I might be timid, hesitant in what I want to say, or even come off as distant, or rude, but I'm not, I'm one of the sweetest people you'd ever meet. I've a kind heart, an empathetic soul, a creative mind, and a little side of evil in me. I'm a weirdo, a little immature in making perverted innuendos, and a little too quiet for anyone's liking at times. I like making friends, even though it takes me a bazillion years to open up with most of them, patience is all I ask for in that. I'm a loyal friend, I don't like drama, and if it ever comes to the point where two of you (my friends) ask me to choose between one another....I choose neither. You can talk to me when you've figured your stuff out. Let us be friends, true weirdos of the night.
~~~~~~~~~♥♥ My Best Friends ♥♥~~~~~~~~~ ~♥Tato♥Saka♥Ham♥Bro: Nien♥Owner: Sam♥~ ♥Law♥Art♥Music♥Reading♥Writing♥Coffee♥ ♥Photography♥Cats♥Horror♥Chocolate♥Pie♥ ♥Socially Awkward♥Weird♥Quiet♥Introvert♥ ♥Friendship♥Cuddles♥Potatoes♥Furries❤
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