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I confuse myself a lot
I am a nerd and very proud of it
Well hello there!
Nathan Gregory Rowle
I hate labels
I feel pimp, most of the time
I'm addicted to Darkness >:D...
Girls, be afraid of dark,
-Evil laugh-
Which makes my room very dark
I wear what I want ;]
I love proper grammar
I was born in Germany
but I live in States
I do not speak German, so DO NOT ASK.
I like unicorns(Sarcasm)
My homo sapiens, unless you are some other bipedal primate
I am not something you can say that's pretty
and think you can wreck this shit.
Lets get serious: I am one narcissistic, sarcastic and arrogant guy.
but I can be kind and nice. Which makes me human
I make mistakes, and I will make mistakes
I am sick and tired having so many friends called Chris. :D
Seriously, two of my best friends in rl are named Chris
I prefer lies over truth, hurts less.
I dislike love, it brings hate and vise versa

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|Nathan| |17| |States| |Single|

Likes: |Girls| |Theatre| |Dark| |Music| |Lord Boldymort|
Dislikes: |Fanatics| |Idiots| |Hot Weather| |Annoying Fan Girls|
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