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All About Alyshandra

- I DO NOT HAVE A BADGE. I am not an active developer nor make anything close to enough to make a difference in having a badge. I'm sorry to those who keep requesting one. :(

- I am a Libra
- My favorite colors are Pink and Green
- My favorite drink is an iced sugarfree soy mocha.
- I love Spring and Fall
- I hate it when its so hot you can't breath
- I have a beautiful little 5 yr old girl
- My favorite perfume is Tommy Girl
- I love chocolate but can't eat the real stuff (only sugar free)
- I'm originally from Virginia (a true southern belle)
- I have a sexy southern accent when I'm tired or pissed off.
- I hate people who think they are better than everyone else.
- I hate feet.
- I love to role-play and run my own D&D games on Sundays.
- My favorite role-playing game is Shadowrun.
- I love X-Men comics, Colossus is my favorite hunka hunka Russian love.
- I think accents are sexy as hell
- I don't like to wear tons of make up, eyeliner and lipgloss are my standards.
- I hate wearing dresses
- My favorite movie is Cinderella
- My second favorite is Memoirs of a Geisha
- Writing Adult fiction is a favorite pasttime.
- Sushi is the absolute best stuff in the world!
- My favorite foods are mushrooms, onions and black olive pizza, almost anything Italian, fresh salted and roasted pumpkin seeds, cheese (of any kind), crispy chicken, Freshwater Eel, Crab Rangoon, and a nice Rib Eye Steak, medium rare plskthx.
- Black olives right out of the can are the best!
- People who pick their nose make me gag.
- I love reading, mostly Laurell K Hamilton stuff. (The Merry Gentry Series Rawks!)
- I love to get dressed up and go out to dinner.
- I can't dance or sing very well.
- I hate working but love to work out.
- I don't know any foreign languages fluently, but I can understand most Spanish, and a little French.
- I have 2 younger sisters, both whom are married.
- I love my Mommy very much.
- I miss my mamaw everyday. (God rest her soul.. she past away July 4th 2001)
- I am a writer. I write poetry and short stories. Currently working on a novel based on a role-playing character of mine.
- I love cats and dogs. We have a mini dachshund named Penny.
- The 1920's and 30's were the best time era right next to the Victorian Age.
- I love reality TV shows.
- I hate politics and religious debates.
- Other drivers typically piss me off.
- I have a phobia of crashing while riding in a vehicle.
- Flying makes me sick but I love it.
- I hate chain letters and spam.
- Roller coasters are the absolute kickass best thrill next to good sex.
- I love Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
- I love most anime that doesn't involve lots of guns and machines.(Bubblegum Crisis exempt)
- I prefer to chat with adults. Immaturity is a pet peeve.
- I hate bad grammar and hacker/l33t Speak. *cringe*
- I play Champions Online.
- If you want to read my blog go here

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